Loes Ham was born in Rotterdam in 1953. She received her training in styling at the Bijenkorf.
For a number of years she was self-employed in Germany and worked for some large fashion houses, combined with working in the Netherlands as styling instructor. In 1990 she started a decor company. She created enormous pictures and paintings devised and inspired by art and culture.

In time painting events were held with groups from the corporate world as part of a congress, workshop or team building. In addition to these activities Loes occupied herself with painting. Her technique developed and she became known for her abstract work. From then onwards contours, lines, structure and colour took centre stage.

Using pieces of paper, pigments and medium Loes's style comprised of a composition of several layers on canvas. Her work posesses a mysterious depth due to the play of fore and background contexts.
Loes paints with her heart and soul and enjoys transimitting this to others.
Her work is on permanent display at Gallery Aelbrechts in Delfshaven, Rotterdam.

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